Become A Teacher

We believe that the most authentic and advantageous way of learning new languages is talking to native speaking professionals. If you agree, you’ve come to the right place. 

UpVerb is one of the most interesting online language platforms. Teachers and students from around the world come together to teach and learn with us. We provide our students with challenges to meet their specific goals, and you can help them find success.

If you would like to find out what it takes to be a teacher at UpVerb, take a look at the frequently asked questions below. If you have additional questions, feel free to drop us a line here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is UpVerb looking for?

  • You are passionate about languages.
  • You are an engaged teacher.
  • You enjoy working with international students.
  • You are a native speaker in the language you want to teach.
  • You feel comfortable speaking English.
  • You have basic computer skills (Hangouts, PowerPoint).

How do I apply to teach on UpVerb?

You can submit an application through the contact form on this page or contact us at Due to the incoming applications every day, only qualified teachers will hear back from us within one week after submission. Then we will arrange an interview. There are no rejection letters.

Which languages do you accept?

We are accepting teachers for more languages than what we have listed on our page. Currently we are teaching mostly German, French, and Polish. If you meet the requirements listed above and speak a different language (Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Elvish, etc.), you can apply for consideration. We would love to have as much diversity in our platform as possible.

Do I need to be a native speaker?

We believe that the best way to learn a foreign language is to talk to native speaking teachers. However, we sometimes make exceptions for applicants with high levels of proficiency and some (online) teaching experience.

How do I get my students?

UpVerb’s teachers set up their availability and teaching profile on our platform. Our students book a lesson through the general availability of our teachers and book a first trial with the teacher of their choice. Students get only one trial lesson. After they have completed the trial, the student begin their challenge with our teachers.  Our teachers keep track of all of their students’ past and future lessons through our platform.