What if I need to cancel? No problem! Here are our guidelines.

The 15 minute rule

If you know you will be late for class, please inform your teacher by sending an e-mail or a message via Google Hangouts. Your teacher will wait for you until you come to the class. If you do not let them know you will be late, your teacher will wait 15 minutes before leaving the classroom. You will be charged full-price for the missed lesson.

The 12 hour rule

You can cancel and reschedule a lesson up to 12 hours before your lesson begins without paying for that class. If you cancel a class less than 12 hours before it begins, you will be charged the full-price for the lesson.

What if the teacher needs to cancel the class less than 12 hours before the class?

Occasionally our teachers need to reschedule or cancel a lesson. If your teacher needs to cancel class, you are will receive an e-mail and will be able to reschedule your class for another time.

What if I need to reschedule?

Rescheduling and cancelling classes is only possible through our platform. Classes cancelled more than 12 hours in advance will be able to be rescheduled. Classes cancelled within 12 hours of class are not able to be rescheduled and must still be paid in full. Short notice cancellations are not possible.

What if I have unforeseen circumstances?

Unfortunately, we are unable to refund the cost of missed classes due to unforeseen circumstances.

I’m late!

If you are running late, your lesson time cannot be extended for the amount of time you missed. The lesson must start and end at the scheduled time. Please check out the 15 minute rule above to make sure you don’t miss an entire class!

Please contact if your teacher is regularly cancelling your arranged classes. We want you to have the best experience possible!

We made it easy for you!

– Please make sure you schedule, reschedule, and cancel classes with the calendar in our platform. Every time you book a lesson, you and your teacher get a notification via e-mail.

– It is best to plan your lessons in advance. Because our teachers are booked quickly, try to schedule your lessons as soon as you know your schedule.

Do you have further questions?

We are there for you! Feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

The UpVerb Team