We live in an incredible time for learning. You can literally hop online and learn about anything you could ever want to know about. That’s why there’s never been a more exciting time to learn a language. While nothing substitutes for immersion and face-to-face conversation, there are lots of great resources that can supplement and enhance your language learning experience. Today we want to share some of our favorite YouTube channels that will help you learn a new language even faster.

German YouTube Channels

Easy German: This channel features short episodes centered around one topic per episode. Someone (usually a non-native speaker) goes around and asks Germans a few questions about the topic, and you get to hear really honest, often funny responses. This is a great way to hear how native German speakers express themselves and hear really cool ways to communicate about everyday topics.

Smarter German: This channel does a great job breaking down grammatical concepts in a fun way. Sometimes they use short videos to communicate a more complex idea, and sometimes they use silly things like songs to help you get the gist of an idea.

French YouTube Channels

Learn French with Vincent: This channel has a lot of great, simple lessons that focus on pronunciation. It would be a good channel if you are struggling with how to make sounds correctly. Great ear training!

Easy French: Like its parent channel, Easy German, this channel offers a chance for you to hear native speakers respond to questions about everyday life. They also have some basic phrases and dictations.

Polish YouTube Channels

Learn Polish with Derek: For a good introduction to basic phrases, check out this channel. It has tons of phrases for beginners and intermediate speakers to learn.

Polish for Beginners: This channel focuses a lot on grammar, so if you are hung up on grammar issues (which is easy with so many cases to learn!), check out this channel. It probably has a short video that will help break that concept down for you.

Learning a language is never an easy thing, but it can be more fun with the right tools. If you are struggling with a specific topic, ask your UpVerb teacher to recommend some videos and other tools that will help solidify your understanding. Happy learning!


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