Oh, to be a kid again

Have you ever wondered why it seems like kids learn languages faster than adults? Children tend to learn in a much more organic way, and in this blog we explore some of those reasons and how you can adjust your own learning style to learn more like a child.

  1. Kids are less inhibited. They aren’t as easily embarrassed about making mistakes, expressing their ideas, or trying new things. A lot of our struggles as adults (not just in language learning) can be traced back to fear. If you want to learn language like a child, let go of your inhibitions and refuse to be afraid of sounding silly.
  2. Children encounter language more naturally. In other words, they absorb the language being used around them without worrying about structure and grammar. Although those things are definitely important, it is also important to find ways to just listen to the language being spoken and to try repeating what you hear. That is also one of the best ways to learn phrases the way native speakers say them. Check out this blog post for some other ways to encounter your new language.
  3. Kids learn through discovery. Instead of waiting for something to be taught to them, children pursue their interests, which helps them acquire vocabulary faster. Adults could benefit from this practice as well. Study what you are interested in learning. UpVerb’s #PassionProject challenged is designed to help you do just that. Check it out!

The teachers at UpVerb understand how important it is for you to learn your new language, and since all of them speak at least two languages, they understand how challenging it can be to learn as an adult. We are ready to help you overcome those challenges and help you achieve fluency faster than you thought possible. Click here to check out UpVerb’s unique challenges and find the right fit for your learning needs.

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