Let’s eat out tonight

Everybody loves going out to dinner with friends and family. There are so many advantages! You don’t have to cook anything, you don’t have to clean anything, and you get to enjoy the company of others. It’s a win-win situation (unless you don’t have any money, at which point we would advise you stick to eating at home for now)!

At UpVerb, we want to create practical ways for you to progress in your language learning journey, which is why we have created a role-playing script for you. Role-playing can be an unexpected and fun part of learning a new language, but it is also incredibly practical and gives you an idea of how to handle a situation in real life. Let’s talk about some other benefits of role-playing.

  1. Role-playing provides an opportunity to add expression and emotion into the situation, thereby deepening your connection with the words and phrases and enabling you to learn faster.
  2. It creates a safe environment to practice your language skills without embarrassment, while also creating opportunity for correction.
  3. Learning within a context will help elicit a response naturally when you are in a position to actually use your new language.
  4. Once you have settled into your role, you will find yourself able to question the situation much more deeply, giving you opportunity to explore new ways to express yourself and building new word connections. How could you present your ideas differently? Why is a question structured that way? Asking questions is always important in language learning success!
  5. Role-playing helps us prepare to be flustered. Reading from a book or watching a video is completely different from interacting with a real-life person with quirks. By role-playing and similitating real life, we are more prepared to respond to people appropriately without getting nervous or shaken by their responses to us.
  6. It helps us be better listeners. This is something we could probably do better in our native tongues as well. Role-playing forces you to consider what the other person will say in order to respond the right way.

Today’s role-playing script requires 2-3 people. Two friends decide to have dinner in this situation, and we walk you through specific phrases likely to be said. You have two options — German or English — for practicing this role-playing activity.

Role Play 1 – im Restaurant GERMAN

Role Play #1 – In a restaurant ENGLISH

Once you feel like you’ve gotten the hang of it, here are some additional ways to use this role-playing script to extend your learning:

  • Choose some unfamiliar target words, define them, and create new sentences using those words.
  • Think of how you could use some of these phrases in other situations.
  • Try coming up with some answers of your own to the questions asked during this role-play.

If you’re ready to start having more conversations in your new language, your UpVerb teacher is ready to help. Schedule your free trial lesson today and check out our unique challenges that will boost your fluency. We are excited to help you speak a new language or improve upon skills you already have. Join UpVerb today!


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