There are people who really love making lists, and there are people who really don’t love making lists. For some reason, most people fall on one side or the other. We’d like to offer you a little motivation to love making lists.

According to a report published by Psychology Today, making lists improve positivity, increase the ability to prioritize, fosters creativity, and lowers anxiety. If those aren’t enough benefits for you, we would like to add another. Making lists can help you improve your fluency in your new language. We want you to try writing lists in English, German, Polish, Spanish, French, or whatever other language you are in the process of learning. Now brace yourself: here comes a list! Drumroll, please… 


(Does yelling the name in all capital letters communicate our excitement about this topic?)
  1. By writing your lists in your new language, you blend your real-life goals with your goal of language learning. If you are a beginner, don’t be afraid to use a good translation site to help you fill in your knowledge blanks, but be sure to write the translation down by hand. There is magic in writing with paper and pen!
  2. List making sparks loads of creativity and helps you get more done, which means that your brain is working really efficiently. That’s great news and will help you lock away the vocabulary used.
  3. There are so many fun ways to write lists and so many ways you can make lists (enter list within a list).
  • Bullet journaling: Bullet journaling is a really smart way to start making lists. The great thing is that men and women alike can make bullet journals really fun as well. Check out this great tutorial on how to get started.
  • Smartphone apps: There are an endless number of smartphone apps that can be used to keep track of your lists. We like Wunderlist, Remember the Milk, and and MinimaList.
  • Partner up: Whether you use pen and paper or a sleek app, making lists with a partner can help. Make lists together, learn a language together, travel the world together!

Looking for other creative ways to integrate language learning into your daily life? Here are some other great ideas. Happy list making! offers a unique language learning experience, featuring customized lessons with a native speaking teacher. Our integrative online learning platform will help you reach fluency faster than you ever thought possible. Check out our exciting challenges and request a free trial today!


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