Language fun for the whole family

Learning a language as a family is usually one of two things — fun or stressful. There are a lot of challenges with different abilities, ages, interest levels, and time restrictions. We totally understand those struggles, and today we have some suggestions to bring out the fun side of language learning for the whole family.

Five ways to make language learning FUN for EVERYONE!

  1. Have a family game night in your new language. Bonus points for buying a game with instructions and a game board in that language! Even if you are just breaking out the same Monopoly board you’ve used a hundred times, communicate to each other exclusively in the language your family is learning.
  2. Family game nights aren’t your thing? No worries. It is easy to create an immersive experience. Some other times to switch your language environment might be a family meal, a car ride, or even a trip to the grocery store. Have fun with it, and help each other create fun and entertaining sentences!
  3. Take the post-it note challenge. This is one of the easiest ways to acquire new vocabulary and create an immersive environment. Write vocabulary in your new language on a post-it note, and stick those all over your house. Start with easy things like the names of each room (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room), then choose one room a week and post new vocabulary on various objects in that room.
  4. Watch something together in your new language. Choose a movie — or better yet, a TV program that you can watch regularly — and watch it together. Talk about some of the phrases you understood, pause the movie or show to ask questions, and eventually find yourself understanding more and more.
  5. Write notes to each other in your new language. This will help you learn and is a chance to build each other up. Ask each member of your family to write a short note in your new language to another family member. This is an excellent chance to learn encouraging phrases that will be fun to use!

Speaking more than one language opens so many doors of opportunity for your family. Whether you want to move to another country, travel the world, or simply be able to communicate with more of your neighbors, learning a new language is an amazing experience for everyone.

UpVerb has programs to help your family succeed in learning a language and achieving fluency quickly, all while having fun! We have programs for kids and adults, and our unique challenges will keep your family excited about what they can learn. Best of all, the classes are flexible and meet your scheduling needs, so you never have to worry about finding a time for every member in your family to have lesson. Book your free trial class today to get started!

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