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In today’s economy, the market is more and more global, and you’re ready to become a part of it. If you’re not already convinced, we are pretty sure you will be after you read about the advantages learning an extra language can offer you.

Grow your customer base

English may be the language of global business, but there is something special about speaking to your customer in their own language. The reality is that many companies don’t speak English as their primary language and are looking to offer their business to professionals like you, provided you can communicate with them.

Grow your customer’s trust

Speaking in someone’s native language automatically offers a level of comfort that is much more difficult to find when speaking a foreign language. Showing your customers that you want to speak to them in a way that is comfortable for them builds trust and goodwill. Bonus points if you also learn more about their culture and can incorporate cultural traditions into your business dealings together.

Move up the ladder

If you are feeling stuck in your job, learning a new language can open all kinds of doors for you. Bilingual and multilingual positions can stay open a lot longer than traditional positions because of unqualified candidates. Why not fill one of those openings? According to the Korn Ferry International website’s poll of executives, 31% of executives speak two languages, 20% speak three languages, 9% speak four languages, and 4% speak more than four languages. When two-thirds of executives are reporting that they speak two or more languages, it’s time to pay attention.

If the corporate world is not for you, there are loads of other jobs out there for you — teacher, bank teller, translator, sales, customer service representative, detective, social worker, flight attendant, nurse, and more.

Earn more money

We’ll keep this one simple: reported that bilingual workers earn 5 to 20 percent more than their monolingual (single language) colleagues. What could you do with an extra 5-20 percent of your income?

See the world

If you speak two or more languages, the world is your oyster. Many companies around the world are hiring workers, so if you are ready for a big change, learn that language, pack your bags, and move somewhere new! You can choose to work somewhere new on a short-term basis (think six months to a year) or settle down and plant some roots. Some companies also let you work remotely from anywhere in the world, so perhaps you could envision yourself sipping a drink on the beach while submitting a spreadsheet.

Why are you still waiting? Our team is ready to help you reach your goals and fulfill your dreams. Learn Spanish, German, French, Polish, or English with our highly-qualified, native-speaking teachers. The UpVerb platform enables you to learn on your own time from anywhere in the world, so let’s get started. Check out our great challenges, designed to help you achieve fluency in a fun and fast way.

See you in the classroom!

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