You’ve been challenged

Learning a new language is challenging, regardless of the circumstances. But who says being challenged is a bad thing? UpVerb’s language learning philosophy revolves around the idea of challenging you appropriately in your journey toward language acquisition, and it’s also pretty fun! Take a look at the unique challenges we offer that can help you find success.


This challenge is awesome for true beginners. It focuses on the building blocks of conversation and prepares you to dive in much sooner than you might think, including things like introductions, grammar basics, and small talk (think family, weather, etc.). #TalkToMe takes 20 lessons to complete, and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll grow during that time!


Being able to communicate in another language in the workplace can be really impactful on your career. In fact, we wrote a blog post all about the benefits of speaking a second language at your job. That’s why #LikeAPro is perfect for helping you take that next step. You’ll learn important skills — such as business writing, presentation structure, and job interview skills — during 10 lessons. 


This grammar challenge is perfect for anyone who isn’t just starting out learning a language. That means that whether you’ve just gone through basic conversation classes or are nearly fluent, we can help you really fine-tune your grammar skills. We will cover topics like sentence structure, parts of speech (adjectives, adverbs, etc.), and punctuation during the 10 lesson #CorrectMeIfIAmWrong challenge.


If you are ready to speak like #OneOfTheLocals, this challenge is definitely for you. In five lessons, you’ll concentrate on pronunciation and expression like a native speaker. This challenge will really take you to the next level in your new language.


Learning a new language should be a natural extension of your other interests, which is why we created the #PassionProject challenge. Your teacher will help you learn how to communicate about the things you love in 10 lessons’ time. One of the greatest challenges in learning a new language is learning the specific vocabulary to talk about certain topics, which is why #PassionProject is perfect for you. You can also easily repeat this challenge to learn about several different interests.


Our #LevelUp challenge is hands-down our most comprehensive package. If you are serious about learning a new language, #LevelUp is for you. Your teacher will walk you through a traditional language program (A1-C2), which will prepare you for any formal language tests you might need. This challenge consists of 40 lessons, and it can be repeated for each level.

Still can’t decide what’s right for you?

If you still need help picking the right #challenge, we can help you decide what the right program is for you during your free trial lesson. If you’re ready to get started today, you can sign up here.  Learn more about how UpVerb works here.

We look forward to seeing how far you come. Accept the challenge today!

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