Christmas time is all around us! This is why we have thought: let’s talk about Christmas!

What is your favorite Christmas dish? What does Christmas mean to you? Is it a special time for you? Do you actually like this time of the year? And so on…

We have collected a bunch of similar questions for you to make your lessons FUN and to keep you motivated! We all know that your thoughts are somewhere else at this time of year, but if you dedicate time to learning, you can have an online lesson in your favorite language right now! We believe that the most powerful way to master your target language is to talk about topics that interest you, where you can repeat the same sentences and learned phrases all over again and when it is a pleasure for you to speak about a certain topic. Because learning a language can be something wonderful if it is done properly and in an enjoyable way. You can read more about the key to mastering a language here.

We have teamed up with Intercambio Idiomas Online which makes us very happy and motivated. Together with Intercambio, we have collected lots of speaking questions (for 3 different levels) to make you speak about a good topic at that time. You can now download the questions as PDF and practice your speakings skills with your teacher, or even with a language partner.


A2 | B1B2 |


A2 | B1B2 |

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