“Is there any possibility that I will learn German by myself with books and watching YouTube or should I join the group course/private lessons?”

Absolutely! You are able to learn by yourself! It’s simple, depending on how much time you would like to invest. It can take several months to several years to become fluent. Sounds scary, right?

Of course, learning a language at some point has to do with talent. Some people simply learn faster. Self-learning requires a lot of discipline and well-structured material. A group course usually provides you with more structure so you do not have to search for good materials on your own. A good learning structure will definitely make the process easier. Unfortunately, group courses come with a lot of disadvantages that you can avoid by learning with a private tutor (click to sign up) who would make your language journey much easier if he/she’s any good. Nevertheless, that requires quite a budget. At the end of the day, language learning requires an investment in both time and money.

There are many people who have learned a language on their own. Anytime you embark on learning something new, you are either an experienced and inexperienced learner. Experienced learners know what to do and how to start learning, and this makes a huge difference. For those inexperienced in independent learning, it can take a few hundred hours to gain the experience and disciple required to learn on your own.


  1. If money is an issue, search for a tandem partner, a solid option since you will have a chance to speak the language.
  2. If money is not an issue, get a professional (click here).

Think of it like this – you could build a house yourself, but a professional builder is going to do it much quicker and – more importantly – helps save you money in costly mistakes. The same applies to the language learning process. Another advantage is that you will learn from someone who is already fluent, so you won’t end up speaking poor German or Spanish (or French, English, etc.), lose time and energy and have to start all over again.

If you want to learn German, English, Spanish, or French, you’ll find great materials and helpful tips here. Let today be the first day you start mastering a new language.

Happy Learning!

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