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In order to get the fastest results and to improve your listening and speaking skills, you need to focus on the verbal side of language learning. Historically, classes focus on writing and grammar, which is important, but as science and our experience tell, written and verbal language is stored in two separate parts of the brain.

Many of you ask us where to find useful videos, TV shows or audios to learn from in addition to the lessons at upverb.com. The good thing is that we have become experts in finding answers for you and guiding you through the whole process of learning a language. One of the reasons we created UpVerb was the need to share our knowledge and enthusiasm regarding learning languages online.

Fortunately, there are lots of videos we can highly recommend you add into your learning routine, and that is why we have collected our ideas in this post. However, this post concentrates on the German language.


For people who love watching TV and TV shows, we would like to recommend checking the old series Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten CLICK

Or Tatort CLICK.

For those who love comedy and sarcasm, we recommend the very sarcastic and funny old series Pastewka CLICK


The best series we really rely on and highly recommend to all our students and German learners out there is Easy German


Easy German is all you need while learning German. Janusz and Cari, the main figures in the series, do not speak too fast. They talk about diverse and interesting topics, providing viewers with lots of vocabulary at a normal speaking tempo. Most importantly, there are subtitles in German and English below, which means you no longer need to find new words in a dictionary. All you need to do is to pause the video and focus on what they are saying. Meet Janusz and Cari and enjoy your YouTube German learning experience with Easy German.


This is another good source of useful and authentic, yet not too quickly spoken, language; it is found in the series of videos from https://learngerman.dw.com/en/overview

The whole course includes short videos and is divided into a huge range of topics, grammar aspects and exercises. On YouTube, you can find the combined short movies into a longer one for A1 learners (CLICK)

and A2 learners (CLICK).


As a wonderful alternative to YouTube videos, you can find very good podcasts and learn while you drive to work, jog, or ride your bike:




Usually, nobody gets offended if we offer to watch the kids series Peppa Wutz – the German version of Peppa Pig. It is a perfect example of easy and not-too-fast German language.

You can find countless episodes. Here comes one example: CLICK

We hope you can find this very useful! As you can see, YouTube is our universe; it contains all we need! We just wanted to give you some hints on where and what to search for! You can’t do anything wrong watching those easy and pleasant videos we have mentioned above.

Have fun with your YouTube nights! 

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