Ok. I have had the interview, what is next?

Great, you made it!

Before you start teaching on UpVerb, we would like you to read the teacher guide and learn more about how online teaching on UpVerb works. Simply go through all the topics below. We hope it will answer most of the questions you as a new teacher might have.
We want to make sure you are provided with all the information you need to get started.
If after this introduction, you still have any questions, you can always contact our admin at admin@upverb.com.

What is UpVerb?

UpVerb is a place where teachers provide online lessons to the learners via video call. The teachers are being selected by UpVerb’s
team to maintain the highest quality of lessons. UpVerb’s teachers have a certain spirit and methodology that is important to be instilled
in the lessons. Learners from around the world come to UpVerb to join language courses and purchase language lessons. The classes
are held via videoconference on tools like Skype or Hangouts. Teachers are able to set their own schedules. There is just one pricing for
all the courses and lessons. Teachers are not able to set up their own rates.

Do you employ teachers?

Currently, UpVerb does not employ teachers. We also don’t determine a curriculum that teachers must follow. We create challenges that are recommended by teachers to students to meet their needs and help them achieve their goals. On UpVerb we work mostly with native speaking teachers who can prove a teaching experience and teaching education background.

Teaching as independent contractor.

At UpVerb, teachers are independent. UpVerb is an online school where the main goal is to bring our students to the level of competency
as they wish to. UpVerb helps teachers to have an additional income, experience and teaching job. However, our teachers are
independent contractors and are not employees. Teachers set their own schedules, so they can have new incoming students, they can
fully manage their calendar and disable trial lessons, so they will not have any more students. Prices and group courses are provided by
us. UpVerb provides a helpful and convenient way to help students learn in individualized lessons with professional teachers, schedule
lessons with them, and handle international pay.

What do I need?

Working from home sounds amazing and is very convenient. But home sounds definitely better than a street or a pub, though. We
recommend teaching from a silent and peaceful environment. There are many tools and technologies that can help students and
teachers connect online. We use Google Hangouts to connect with the students, however, some of them prefer Skype, which allows
people to speak and even video-conference for free.

How do I know I have a lesson?

As our teacher, you need to set up your availability in our scheduling system. You will need to follow the steps we are going to send you after our interview. Students can schedule a TRIAL lesson with you through the calendar. You will simply receive a notification about a scheduled lesson. Remember to be present for your class!


Being a part of our team makes it easier and more convenient for you to teach students from around the world, having a flexible job, and
receive a fair compensation for your work.
Teachers are expected to respect the terms of service from UpVerb. If teachers do not agree with the terms of service, they should
contact UpVerb’s support team (support@upverb.com) and request to deactivate their teacher profile.
Which of the following are violations of our Agreement between UpVerb and teachers?
– Making UpVerb students pay you outside of UpVerb
– Asking students very personal or religious questions
– Directing students to other companies instead
✔All of the above are violations


Students that schedule lessons with you should be kept on UpVerb. It’s not acceptable for teachers to ask students to bypass our school.
Teaching language and culture is highly encouraged. However, potentially controversial religious or political topics should be avoided.
This is out of respect for students’ points of views.
Directing students to other language services which may or may not be competing is not allowed.
You communicate with the students through your private email or Skype, Hangout chat. You are still required to keep the students on
UpVerb and to put admin@upverb.com in BCC while contacting students via emails.
If you have your own website and other students who are not on UpVerb, that is fine! However, you must not try to take students you will
get on UpVerb off of the UpVerb school.
If a student asks you about accepting payment outside of UpVerb, you should report the student, because this is a violation of the terms
of service. If you agree to the request, you will also be in violation.
If you are found to be in violation, you will be removed from UpVerb and your Teacher’s Compensation withheld. You should report the
student to admin@upverb.com, and allow us to handle the situation.

You agree

1. To hold a trial lesson (25-30 mins) free of charge if such one is scheduled. Trials are not necessarily scheduled by every new student.
2. To customize a plan for each student at least 5-10 lessons ahead.

3. To submit a Trial Lesson Report to the admin (here).
4. To personalize lessons accordingly to the students’ needs.
5. To use the CLASS NOTES provided by Admin and assess the needs of the students during the short trial lesson.
5. To keep the lesson’s content in Class Notes and share the document with the student and the ADMIN admin@upverb.com. Google Docs is an interactive tool to be used by UpVerb teachers during each lesson and shared with the student.

Scheduling / Rescheduling / Canceling

If UpVerb’s member fails to show up for a scheduled class, no matter the cause (technical or personal), the duration of 1-hour lesson will
be charged and the teacher has the right to log off after 15 minutes of the starting time. Student needs to cancel 12 hours through the
provided booking system before the course starts. Failure to do so results in the charge of 1-hour lesson. Cancellations sent via email or
verbal cancellations as well as rescheduling are non-valid unless the booking calendar website (3rd party) is proven to be unavailable.
Courses may be cancelled at short notice by the teacher or ADMIN. This may happen, e.g. when a teacher falls sick with short notice or
have technical difficulties. The lesson will be refunded to the student.

What if I need to reschedule?

Instead of canceling the lesson, our scheduling system makes it easy for students or teachers to change the lesson time or date. Simply
go to your private account in our scheduling system (the credentials will be provided by Admin as you start teaching) and reschedule the lesson. We  also recommend you to be in contact with the student if such changes must happen. Remember that your calendar is set in your time zone and students will book lessons accordingly to your time zone. We recommend you to synchronize the UpVerb’s calendar with your Google calendar to view the upcoming lesson in your phone calendar.

Your compensation

As UpVerb’s teacher, you will discuss the teacher’s hourly rate with the admin in a short interview via Skype at the beginning of your teaching journey on UpVerb. The compensation starts from $15 per hour. Teachers with lots of experience and proper educational background can start at $16/17 per hour.
Group courses have a different rate, starting from $19 per hour.
At the end of the month, UpVerb’s teachers are required to send an invoice to the Admin with the taught hours and total amount to be paid via PayPal or Transferwise.
The taught lessons are available to excel table from the teacher’s account on the scheduling system.


You’re almost ready to begin teaching language students who will schedule lessons with you! Pay close attention to your private schedule so you can always update and adjust your calendar to avoid bookings that you don’t wish to have.
You are still able to reschedule your scheduled lessons. However, whatever your reason is, please respect the student’s time and try to remember to always update your calendar as soon as you know that your general availability changes.
You are required to set up your general availability and you are always able to manage the weekly schedule day by day.


To make the learning experience better, please keep the class notes shared with your student and admin. The class notes will be accessible for your student through Google Drive. Your student need to check what you have done in the last session, and what should he prepare for the next session.

Show and no show

There is no need for constant confirming the lesson’s time as there is a calendar set up correctly and needs to be used to schedule
You’re ready and excited for your class. You’ve confirmed the lesson time far in advance and prepared materials. You’re ready and
waiting on Skype or Hangouts to contact the student, but …the student doesn’t show off…
You wait (just 15 mins) in case the student is just late, but the student never comes.
What should you do now?
✔I write to my student a message (a no-show message template)

Will I have regular lessons?

We are very happy that you become part of our team and we can imagine that you would love to take as many students as you are able to. However, we can’t guarantee that you will have lots and lots of students scheduling lessons with you or always stable schedule week by week the same.
Very often, we will let you know before a new student will go ahead and schedule lessons, sometimes we will not “warn” you.
We would appreciate if you are patient enough and always motivated to be our teacher and keep updating your calendar! Remember it is not always depending on us if students book lessons with you.
If you have your own students. Please make sure, you keep them motivated and give them whatever they need to achieve their language goals. You are their language coach. Make them come all over again!


At the end of the guide, you will find some useful templates for your emails to the students.


Hello (student’s name),
Thank you so much for booking a TRIAL lesson with me. I will be your teacher for the trial lesson and any other lessons if you wish so.
Please accept my invitation on Google Hangouts and let us meet at the scheduled time.
To make sure that you are all set, come a little bit earlier and check your connection and your class notes.
You can see the scheduled time for your lesson in your time zone.
I am looking forward to meeting you!

Best regards,

Your teacher



Hello (student’s name)

It was so nice to meet you! Thank you for attending the trial class, I hope you enjoyed it! I am excited to start the journey together with you!
I am sending the link to our Class Notes. Here, you will also find your homework for the next session.
You can directly purchase & book lessons through upverb.as.me
If you have any questions regarding the lessons or my availability feel free to contact me under (email address).
If you need information regarding payment or booking system, please contact our admin:
I look forward to our lessons!

Kind regards
Your teacher


***NO SHOW (trial)

Hello (student name),
I hope all is well with you.
Unfortunately, you missed your trial lesson without previous cancellation.
I waited 15 minutes for you to come to our scheduled class.
The trial lesson is only offered once, and so you will need to pay lessons upfront before you will be able to schedule another lesson with me.
You can go to upverb.com and schedule your new appointment.
Looking forward to meeting you!
Kind regards
Your teacher (name)

You can now send them a direct link to purchase a bigger package.