In this challenge you will learn how to meet friends and have a basic conversation. You need 20 lessons to conquer this challenge!
Remember: We need you to commit to reviewing the material at least 10 minutes every day to succeed.

The Plan

1. Introducing yourself
2. Personal pronouns
3. Correct conjugations
4. Easy conversational phrases
5. Personal pronouns and possessive adjectives
6. How to make friends and ask them questions
7. Countries and nationalities
8. Number talk
9. Singular vs. plural
10. Who am I? Get to know me!
11. This is my family (possessive determiners).
12. Talking about my family
13. Everyday life / weather / months
14. Today’s date and other days in the week / weekends
15. Adverbs of time
16. What about your free time?
17. Negation
18. Hobbies / skills / negation
19. Daily life and routine
20. Review